Welcome to Division 15’s Classroom Website

cropped-wallpaper-175118.jpgHello Everyone,
Welcome to Division 17’s classroom blog.  We are a class of Grade 6/7 students.  We will, once again, be hopefully, connecting with other people and classes around the world, using our blog.  Building Blocks will be our online site that will showcase our writing, podcasts and other projects that we will be undertaking in class this year. We will be working together with Mr. Ferneyhough’s, Mrs. Dawson’s and Ms. Rea’s Grade 6/7 classes as well.

We have many fun and exciting learning opportunities planned.  The students will have an opportunity to move from teacher to teacher to learn Math, Science and Social Studies.  We are also planning a few challenges for all 114 students.  So get your school supplies ready because we are going to hit the ground running!!  Onward and upward!!